Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Stolen ....

Popping in from my phone, which proves to be a little difficult. I came home from running some errands last week to find both of our laptops, iPods, dsi, camera and xbox gone. After many calls to our lovely township officers .... Still NOTHING. I imagine at this point they are long
Gone with no hope in return. My precious laptop was not backed up. Funny, a week prior to the dissapearence I thought to myself that I needed to take sometime to do just that.

I really wished that blogger had an APP that would allow for the upload of photos, but it doesn't. I have uploaded some pics of artjournal pages and such over on my flickr.

hope to be back
Soon ....

Saturday, April 30, 2011

mini art ...

because i cant break into the big leagues and need lots of practice ... i make small art a.k.a ATC's!!
Lots of my personal photos that I have altered

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

on the verge

why is it i always feel i am on the verge of a major shift ....................................

                  Source: rebussed.blogspot.com via Brandi on Pinterest

a change that will
awaken me
open my eyes
encourage me to feel fulfillment
to create
a change that will heal all the wrong
heal my home
patch relationships

A change so profound that there in the light I will stand and I will finally see me and feel whole.

i believe i was made for greatness,
for so much more than what i can see,
so much more than what i do now.
a greatness that far surpasses anything i can dream.

i often feel i am just around the bend from that greatness, but i never quite get there.
i start to wonder if that feeling of being made for greatness is a curse
its that feeling that continues my search for more. i am never settled with the mundane everyday doings ... i yearn for better, for more ...

more purpose
more feeling
more love
more laughter
more everything

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

my own ugly beautiful truths ...

decided to scroll through the ole' bookmarked blogs tonight in the attempt of connecting, of feeling something that is missing.  i rolled up upon Kal Barteski of LOVE LIFE.  Kal started sharing truths about herself that may not be so beautiful.  keeping it real.  connecting.

i got it.
i needed it.
i connected.

i have decided i loved it so much that i am going to share mine here.
maybe a therapeutic exercise of sorts for me

READY ... Brace yourself!

1. today i left my kids at the dentist alone so i could scope out the thrift store before it closed, even though it was only a few doors down, i felt guilty.

2. sometimes i go a week w/o washing my hair ... please dont mistake that for not washing my skin ... its my long hair, somedays most days it just takes to much energy.  its a sad sad truth.

3. i am moving my art room again, for inspiration.  who am i kidding?